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Program Management

As industry budgets grow tighter and costs to design and develop ever changing leading-edge solutions arise for development and technologies, L3Harris Narda Microwave-West recognizes the importance of effective Project Management. As a result, we adhere to an Industry certified Program Management process approach that includes project planning, monitoring and controls. The Project Management team maintains consistent, effective communication with the Engineering, Manufacturing, and Quality departments by monitoring and managing tasks and status across the project. L3Harris Narda Microwave-West’s Program Management team implements best practices to preserve scope and schedules, while ensuring on-time delivery of a superior product which meets or exceeds customer’s expectations.

Risk Mitigation

L3Harris Narda Microwave-West acknowledges that risk may occur during engineering development. Therefore, our comprehensive risk identification and risk mitigation process runs parallel during the course of engineering development.  Our Program Management team has 80+ years of expertise to identify potential risks to ensure the factors are handled proactively to mitigate negative impacts to a program. This is achieved by concise communication, scope management, issue escalation and resolution when required.  We employ proprietary Project Management tools that extend beyond the conventional status report. Our customers realize mission success, because our Program Management team’s capacity to leverage best practices, commitments, and understanding customer and program objectives.