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Design and Development Department

L3Harris Narda Microwave-West development team consists of highly experienced microwave and mechanical designers who collectively have more than 500 years of expertise encompassing the design of active and passive on-board payload equipment for commercial and government space application.

Our team has 20+ years of heritage working on in-orbit life with several thousand microwave units including C- to K-Band linearized channel amplifiers, C- to Ka-Band frequency down converters and beacons, UHF to Ka-Band filters, power combiners and multiplexers.

Our design approach is based on an extensive circuit database library continuously enriched with new module characterizations. The library data is utilized in several licensed software simulation tools to generate system modeling that can accurately predict the actual system performance.

Research and Development

We pride ourself in our past and present performance of delivering state-of-the-art telecommunication equipments to our customers. This success is built upon extensive and continuous investments in R&D evolving technology and programs aimed at developing new technology solutions and expanding the company product portfolio to better respond to various market demands.

Manufacturing Engineering

Our Engineering team operates as the liaison between the engineering and the manufacturing departments. The team consists of experienced, highly qualified engineers and technicians with the responsibilities to develop the testing tools to support product manufacturing, including Automatic Test Equipment set ups that provide accurate and repeatable data report and compliance summary sheets.