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L3 Narda Microwave–Wests’ Multipack design introduces a unique distribution of Local Oscillator (LO) signals, and FPGA-based command, control signals and DC power for optimum size, mass and power consumption.

Designed for manufacturability utilizing plug and play features, the baseplate is designed to accept a redundant Local Oscillator/TCXO slice, and up to 16 RF Converter/Receiver slices, a redundant DC-DC converter slice, and a redundant T & C interface slice. The use of plugin LO and DC connectors provide a compact and flexible assembly without external cabling or individual harnessing.

Heavy use of Space Heritage module designs and manufacturing processes ensure reliability, performance and quality.


  • Weight per channel < 500 g for 16-pack downconverter configuration

  • Fully redundant local oscillator, control unit, power supply

  • Configurable for downconverter, receiver or a mix of both types

  • Scalable from 4- to 14- Channels, with up to 2 different Local Oscillators (LO)

  • 8 dB gain control available upon request

  • 8-bit, 16-bit serial interface for command and telemetry

  • Redundant serial bus configurable for command/telemetry

  • Temperature telemetry, available upon request

  • < 4 ppm LO stability over life of product and temperature, tighter stability upon request

  • < 2.6 dB NF over life and temperature for receivers

  • Waveguide isolator input to ensure performance stability

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