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L3 Narda Microwave-West's filter portfolio includes standard band pass filter, from 1% to more than 10% bandwidth, diplexers and triplexers. The filters are designed using a comb-line topology and are capable to operate with RF input powers up to 200 Watt without multipacton or corona effects. The customer requirements are carefully reviewed and used to develop the filter by using 3-D HFSS software simulators. The products are implemented in aluminum or Invar depending on the thermal stability requirements. Low Pass filters, RF detectors and other features can be integrated in the main filter body to provide enhanced performance.

Filters Features

  • UHF through 40 GHz designs

  • Low-insertion loss design

  • Elliptic function

  • Excellent skirt selectivity

  • High-power expertise

  • Low passive intermodulation products

  • Coaxial & waveguide