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The L3 Narda Microwave-West family of Downconverters and Receivers is offered in multiple bands, including the C-, Ku-, K- and Ka-Band. All units are integrated in a single housing that contains the DC/DC Converter, the Local Oscillator (LO), Amplifiers and frequency conversion components. The units are offered with waveguide or coaxial input and coaxial output interface.


  • Compact design with integral:

    • Phase-locked source

    • TCXO reference

    • High-Q mechanical filter

    • DC/DC Converter

  • Available in multiple bands

  • Excellent frequency stability and accuracy

  • Excellent mechanical robustness

  • Low spurious

  • High linearity

The Receiver contains low-noise amplifier modules integrated with a Downconverter. The Phase-Locked Source has a x2 multiplier, internal limiting amplifiers, and cleanup filtering in the LO path to provide a controlled stable power level to the internal mixer. The Downconverter has an integral image filter, Intermediate Frequencies (IF) filter, gain equalization, a temperature compensation module, and an LO monitor port. This multi-function assembly is constructed using extremely robust MIC technology. The design employs the use of balanced amplifier architecture for very stable performance and excellent tolerance to load and source impedance variations. They are manufactured using thin-film, chip and wire technology and utilize GaAs, PHEMT, FET devices. The internal mixer is a low-loss, double-balanced design. A High-Q mechanical filter is used in the IF path for best-in-class spurious and LO rejection performance.

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